Sin, Sex and Doubt

My online facebook bud, Derek Rishmawy, wrote this piece over at Christ and Pop Culture:

Many of the comments said that they had problems with Derek’s article because they assumed that pre-marital sex is not responsible for doubt–that they doubted their faith or saints have doubted their beliefs long before or who never had sex. This was my response on facebook at CaPC:

“I totally get this. The logic of the connection between sex and doubt. This is not really hard at all. It seems like basic logic.

A. You can have doubt without having had sex.
B. You can doubt while having sex.
C. You can have sex without having doubt.

I would say that you are more or less affirming “B.” “A” is obviously true. Which is what most commenters were saying, yet for them that seems to cancel out “B” which it doesn’t. None seemed to be saying C because I think they intuitively know that “B” holds. In other words, show me someone who is out there, having pre-marital sex and isn’t doubting or at least starting to doubt their faith. The point being that faith is more than mental assent. That what “shores up” or assures ones faith is a proper heart expressed ethically. Assurance in part comes from doing. Think of driving. If I want to feel safe, I don’t feel as assured mentally as I would if I put my seatbelt on.”


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